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My name is Quim Bosch Castells, I graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2002, later I specialized in Pediatrics at the Hospital Joan XXIII in Tarragona (2007) and then I studied the Master in Pediatric Pulmonology at Hospital Vall Hebron and I am currently an adjunct pediatrician at the University Hospital of Granollers where I am a Professor at the International University of Catalonia. Following the family tradition of caring for children (pediatrician's son), from the consultation I try to help parents in their health, growth and the problems that arise for their children, day by day. I try not to let the children see the figure of the pediatrician with fear but as a friend.

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La vacunación

The Human Papilloma Virus

Human papillomavirus (HPV), or papillomavirus, is a widespread virus that affects more than half of people who have sex (most go through the infection without symptoms).

In some cases the viruses persist in the body for many years (20-30) in the body and if they are of certain specific families (types) can cause a malignant tumor: cervical or cervical cancer and others tumors in both sexes, such as pharynx. But these viruses can also cause genital warts, which are benign, but very annoying and common, affecting both sexes as well.


With regard to uterine cancer, the role of men is that of transmitters of the virus. But keep in mind that one-third of genital cancers caused by HPV are in men. And they are becoming more common. It is also important to note that most malignant throat tumors are also caused by these viruses and will affect men more than women. Genital warts, much more common, also affect both sexes.


Yes. The association of paediatricians recommends this vaccination in all adolescent girls and boys living in Spain, preferably at the age of 12, to get protection against this virus related to so many varied songs. But this vaccine is only funded in the autonomous communities, mostly for girls.

The effectiveness of the vaccine is higher if it is given before the first contact with the virus, so it is important to give it from the age of 12.


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